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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Amusement Parks

Took the kids to a mini-amusement park today. What a blast! There is nothing like seeing the face of kids at an amusement park! It just so beautiful.

I was exceptionally happy to see my eldest displaying no fear at all on any and all rides (unlike her wimp-ish father....)

I think back to my Yeshiva days and remember my Rebbe saying how there is no word in Hebrew for 'adventure' nor 'excitement'. Point being - only those who don't have Real Life (e.g. all non-Bnei Torah) need adventure and excitement. I really believed in it. Wow.... I guess if i had gotten married earlier in life and had kids earlier in life i could have learned the truth about life by living it, instead of learning from theoretical mussar shmoozen having nothing to do with reality (or to be charitable, mine and 5.5 billion other Earthling's reality.) "Boruch ShePatrani Mey Unsho Shel Zu" and I can live life as God meant us to.. to enjoy it! (Although i did hear this exact message from a Mashgiach in one of the yeshivos that I attended, that children appreciate the world in the way that Hashem intended us to - enjoying it, so just goes to show....but he too wasn't a big proponent of Amusement parks :)